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Making Board Games for EFL Classes

by Barbara Waldern

Adding board games to one’s repertoire of teaching materials for the English as a foreign or second language class can help spice up the classroom experience for both student and teacher. If planned well, they are good learning tools for they can reinforce vocabulary, syntactical structure and conversation strategies. To give you examples of their application, I will tell you how I have used board games in my teaching, and explain the kind of board game I recently invented for conversation classes.

I first used board games in academies for children...

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TEACHER IMMEDIACY -- warming up the classroom and motivating students

by Barbara Waldern

After giving the TALK lecture and writing the article on relevant acivities for conversation classes for new EFL teachers, one question lingered on my mind: what does it mean to say warm up the classroom and make the atmosphere more conducive to learning? When asked this question by a new teacher during the lecture, it was difficult to answer it succinctly. I wanted to use the word “intimacy”. Oops. Instead, I said make it a sociable and enjoyable place, but is that really a teacher’s job? No, it is not. I myself warned new school teachers about the importance of...

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Conversation Practice Class 101 -- Tips for the new EFL teacher

by Barbara Waldern

In this article, I would like to share my lecture notes from my TALK program presentation in August 2015. I spoke to 150 young adult newcomers in five groups of 30 about activities for the English language speaking class in public schools (elementary and secondary levels). These recruits attended a two-week orientation on Korean culture and language teaching before wrapping up their initiation with the provincial Ministry of Education program on the education system and administrative procedures.


TALK stand for “Teach and Learn in Korea” and it...

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A Student Research Project on Learning English

by Barbara Waldern

Although the South Korean government continues to promote and plan English education as part of its globalization and economic development planning as it has since the 90s, questions about this thrust of economic planning have come from all directions. Teachers critique approaches and methodologies to teaching English as a foreign language, especially since big businesses and government authorities have been putting more and more value on raising communication competencies. Despite huge investments, TOEIC scores and TOEFL scores remain far from impressive....

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Raising Cultural Awareness in FL Classrooms

by Barbara Waldern

Living and teaching in a foreign culture has its frustrations and anxieties. Rather than succumbing to such negative feelings, one can use the opportunity to develop more cultural awareness. Moreover, one can assume some responsibility in educating herself and students about cultural difference. Who better than a foreign FL teacher to teach cultural awareness?

As more societies become more and more multicultural in this day and age, and people generally must travel farther and more frequently, intercultural contact is a fact of life. Appreciating cultural...

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