Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for developing recruitment strategies for new members and providing existing members with value-added service to retain their membership.

The Membership Committee's goals are

  1. to develop strategies to support the chapters in recruiting and retaining members, and
  2. to provide value-added service to make sure current members get the most out of their memberships.

The membership committee coordinates a variety of initiatives, including the following:

  • Publication of KOTESOL News, our email newsletter;
  • Production and distribution of membership cards;
  • Production and distribution of KOTESOL pamphlets, fliers, and other promotional materials;
  • Production and distribution of KOTESOL branded merchandise;
  • Negotiated discounts at local establishments for KOTESOL members;
  • Support for grassroots promotion of KOTESOL by members;
  • An annual members' social event at the International Conference;
  • The KOTESOL classroom observation program.

We're currently looking for highly organized, reliable individuals to assist in the planning and management of these initiatives.

Individuals and chapters interested in purchasing KOTESOL merchandise can do so here.

Do you have questions about your membership? Check our FAQ! If your question's not there, feel free to contact us.

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