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Promotional Session Application

Archive copy.

Please use this form to submit your promotional sessions. The Deadline for submission is August 31.

You may submit up to five sessions on a single form.  If you have more than 5 sessions, please do this form a second time. (It will show your previous submission, that's OK, once you send it ("submit"), it has been saved.)

You must click through each page (even if you submit only one session, you must click through the 5 session forms).

If you indicate "2 sessions" on the first page you must complete the first two session forms or it will not advance.

Once you "submit" this form, you cannot revise it. Please contact our OPs Liaison at opliaison@koreatesol.org for any changes.

We also ask that you provide your company logo, as this will be included alongside the session ID in the book. Send your logo to opliaison@koreatesol.org (not through this form).

Only current KOTESOL Organizational Partners (OPs) are eligible to sponsor promotional sessions. If you are not an OP, contact our OPs Liaison at opliaison@koreatesol.org to learn more!

Please note that a confirmatory email is sent ONLY to the designated Contact Person (not to all presenters).